Picking out the Right Limo for the Prom

Most teenagers attending high school look forward to going to their junior or senior prom. They get excited about finding the perfect dresses and suits to wear, along with figuring out how to arrive in style. Most of the young ladies and young men are interested in arriving at the location of the prom in a limousine because it is fashionable, trendy and cool. It is also convenient because students can chip in and then ride together.

There are a lot of different rental companies that may offer limousines, so it is crucial to know how to choose the right one to go with. The cost is one of the most important things to consider. If you are going to split the cost with several friends, factor in how much each person is willing to spend to determine which type of limo you all will be able to afford.limousine rental

Gather the group together to talk about the different limos. After all, there are Hummer limousines, stretch limousines and plenty of other choices available. After discussing the different options, everyone needs to come to an agreement as to which one looks the best and is affordable enough to rent out for the evening.

You would then need to contact the company to book the limo in advance. Simply ask the company if the option that the group wants is currently available for rent. And, if it is available, book it for the specific date and time of the event. You may also want to ask if they offer any kind of prom discount specials or packages because there are some companies that do.

Several rental companies will have the driver come a bit early so that everyone has time to get their pictures taken, and the driver may even wait a bit after the prom is over to make sure that each person gets home safely. You should ask if you will need to come up with a deposit before the date of the event. Some companies require this because they want to make sure that you will still use their service for the upcoming event.

Check that the person who will be driving you is licensed to do so. You want to feel safe while riding in fashion with your friends to the prom. You can even ask to see the company’s insurance policy to make sure that they have one and that it offers coverage if an accident happens.

Do not be afraid to compare different specials that each rental company offers. One limo company may offer better options at a more affordable price. If you are set on a specific company, go there in person to make sure that the limos they are offering are in the best condition possible. As long as you compare your options and ask questions, it should not be much of a challenge to find the perfect limo for the prom.

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Are Ivy League Schools All That They’re Cracked Up To Be?

If you grew up in America, then you probably heard the term “Ivy League school” at some point or another. They have always had an air of sophistication, and the implication was that anyone who could get into such a school was really going places. Most people commonly assume that those who go to Ivy League schools are automatically going to be very successful once they graduate and can get any job that they want.

ivy leagueThe term comes from the practice of planting ivy outside school walls during the 1800s. In fact, this was a common class activity for a few decades. The ivy would then grow up along the walls, giving and old world effect that made people think of academic excellence. Today, the eight Ivy League schools include Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania. As you can see, these are all private schools, with Harvard and Yale perhaps being the most prestigious universities in America.

For a couple of hundred years now these eight schools of higher learning have been revered as the best of the best in America. Perhaps even in the world. But what do they really offer, and are they truly immune to the problems plaguing today’s graduates?

ivy league 2In truth, one cannot deny the power in names alone. Just think about how you feel when someone says the graduated from one of these schools. You probably think they must be very smart and capable of doing great things. That’s how association works. However, studies have shown that graduates from these schools are just as likely to fail at getting a job within the first year of graduating as anyone else in the nation. While a Harvard graduate may have a better chance at an office job than, say, a graduate from the University of Arizona, that doesn’t mean they’re getting every job they apply for.

ivy league school You also have to keep in mind that these are private colleges and thus cost that. Tack on their elite names, and you may even see a higher tuition bill than normal. Ultimately, you have to decide if the risk is worth it. Certainly, those who are accepted will do everything in their power to go. But before you sign the dotted student loan line, see how many grants and scholarships you can get. It may be difficult now, but you will be very grateful for them down the line.

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